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The source of the Thames
The source of the Thames
The Thames at Kemble
marvelous reflection at Cricklade
The sky reflecting in the flooded meadow at Cricklade
The Thames flooded at Lechlade-on-Thames
birds and helicopter
a rose in my garden, flowering again in the late summer
tree canopy
cute swans
an interesting view in Bath
a red bridge in Bath
horses grazing in Wiltshire
this angry mouse tries to stare me down
Cliffs, South IOW
baby Christmas trees?
small mamal
the bridge at Shoreham
I should have zoomed in on the birds
Epic contrast
Sailing with the Sun
Shoreham & Brighton from a distance
roofs over the beach
rock pools in Corsica
a watch-tower in Corsica
epic rocks in Corsica
Italian pidge & seagull
bluebells in Devon
awesome cliffs in Devon
a rough sea
evening colors
a charming riverside in Canterbury
a blackbird on the beach
evening light
fruity cactus
the citadel at Caglari is built atop an intimidating plinth of rock and stone walls
the land of spikey plants
clouds gather over Caglari
nice domes
a pretty street in Caglari
the docks at Caglari
the citadel in Caglari offers great views of the city below
it's awesome to look at the mountains over the sea
some cool architecture in Caglari
people enjoying the sea in Caglari
the architecture in Caglari
Caglari, seen looking down from the citadel
buildings often look best when they dwarf the other buildings around them
jump in!
how do you like cactus?
see the dry crops
when the Romans occupied Sardinia they built lots of straight roads
some great waves on Lancing beach
the evening sun
the land and the sea
sometimes people do some weird parachuting thing at the beach
some great rocks
mummy seagull and her babies
cute little bird
yagi antenna are a popular place for birds to sit
Worthing pier
the path over the crest of the hill
the sheeps enjoy their field atop the highest hill in the area
offshore wind on the south coast
some sheeps
that a bird as fat as a pidgeon can even fly is a mystery to me
dunno what happened here
a British town nestled into the countryside
a scenic landscape on the south coast
cute house
great cranes
several different types of building in this image
this pier looks burnt-out
some people enjoy the sea at Brighton
Worthing pavilion
a gold and blue sky
an awesome view in Taiwan
Somewhere between Lancing and Shoreham
when you cycle too fast in the wet
the sun lights-up the clouds from behind in the evening
Lancing beach
yes birds love me
the fountain of youth?
when you're trying to have an adventure and these guys are selfishly holding you up fixing the road
there's almost as many bridges as buildings in the mountains
this mountain makes this waterfall look small
a mighty canyon, dug out by a humble river
the water naturally blasts up between the rocks every few seconds
when you let a 5-year-old design your bridge
see how the bushes are shaped by the wind coming up off the rock
a view in Taiwan
when your roof blows off in the wind
when a tornado smashes-up your restaurant
there is a Christian minority in Taiwan
nice pink bridge
a mighty dam in Taiwan
a cross atop a rock
a temple in Taiwan
a pink bridge and a red bridge
Taiwan's bridges, mountains, valleys and lakes are stunning
Great city picture in Taiwan
Postman Burger and Italian Food
dunno what this is but there's lots of them in Taiwan
cities in Taiwan are spectacular at night
they know how to light their buildings in Taiwan
can you see the heron?
the world looks different at night
the Taiwanese appreciate the superior vehicle
a tree in a street in Taipei
some landscapes are just really special
I imagine it's nice having a boat
helicopters are the only fast way to get around in the mountains
this is where internet comes from when you live in the mountains
an interresting religious event in Corsica
... bunny?
the efficient way to holiday
it's great when the rocks look like this
the 125cc scooter is the greatest vehicle ever invented with no limitations whatsoever
giant thistles in Corsica
a grand view in Corsica
the cat
a sea-horse in Corsica
a tidal pool in Corsica
a harbour in Corsica, and the mighty battlements that defend it
Corsica's shores are defended by indomitable cliffs and medieval battlements
a lonely medieval watch-tower
there's lots of little lizards in Corsica
the moon rises
All of the mountain villages in Corsica have a church
one can see some spectacular views from the mountains in Corsica
the mountain lakes in Corsica are beautiful
In Corsica they build everything out of granite
an old fortress city in Corsica
arriving in Corsica
The grand bridge at Bristol
Bristol, from the vantage point of the cliff above
low cloud obscures the mountains in Taiwan
Zhongli at night
a wild sea batters the east coast of Taiwan
ducks likes bread
a port in Taiwan
Taipei is overshadowed by this massive tower
awesome bridges in the mountains of Taiwan
there's lots of scooters in Taiwan
One of the huge lakes in Taiwan
The river at Bristol has some great views