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open spaces containing aestheticly-pleasing landforms are adored by humans

marvelous reflection at Cricklade
The sky reflecting in the flooded meadow at Cricklade
The Thames flooded at Lechlade-on-Thames
horses grazing in Wiltshire
Shoreham & Brighton from a distance
the docks at Caglari
it's awesome to look at the mountains over the sea
people enjoying the sea in Caglari
Caglari, seen looking down from the citadel
see the dry crops
when the Romans occupied Sardinia they built lots of straight roads
the path over the crest of the hill
the sheeps enjoy their field atop the highest hill in the area
offshore wind on the south coast
a British town nestled into the countryside
a scenic landscape on the south coast
cute house
an awesome view in Taiwan
there's almost as many bridges as buildings in the mountains
see how the bushes are shaped by the wind coming up off the rock
a view in Taiwan
nice pink bridge
a mighty dam in Taiwan
Taiwan's bridges, mountains, valleys and lakes are stunning
some landscapes are just really special
a grand view in Corsica
a sea-horse in Corsica
a harbour in Corsica, and the mighty battlements that defend it
one can see some spectacular views from the mountains in Corsica
the mountain lakes in Corsica are beautiful
an old fortress city in Corsica
arriving in Corsica
The grand bridge at Bristol
Bristol, from the vantage point of the cliff above
low cloud obscures the mountains in Taiwan
a wild sea batters the east coast of Taiwan
a port in Taiwan
awesome bridges in the mountains of Taiwan
One of the huge lakes in Taiwan
The river at Bristol has some great views