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humans build hollow structures everywhere to keep their stuff, sleep, trade, work and play

an interesting view in Bath
a red bridge in Bath
the bridge at Shoreham
a watch-tower in Corsica
a charming riverside in Canterbury
the citadel at Caglari is built atop an intimidating plinth of rock and stone walls
clouds gather over Caglari
nice domes
a pretty street in Caglari
the citadel in Caglari offers great views of the city below
it's awesome to look at the mountains over the sea
some cool architecture in Caglari
the architecture in Caglari
Caglari, seen looking down from the citadel
buildings often look best when they dwarf the other buildings around them
when the Romans occupied Sardinia they built lots of straight roads
Worthing pier
cute house
great cranes
several different types of building in this image
this pier looks burnt-out
there's almost as many bridges as buildings in the mountains
when you let a 5-year-old design your bridge
nice pink bridge
a mighty dam in Taiwan
a temple in Taiwan
a pink bridge and a red bridge
Taiwan's bridges, mountains, valleys and lakes are stunning
dunno what this is but there's lots of them in Taiwan
they know how to light their buildings in Taiwan
can you see the heron?
the world looks different at night
a harbour in Corsica, and the mighty battlements that defend it
Corsica's shores are defended by indomitable cliffs and medieval battlements
a lonely medieval watch-tower
All of the mountain villages in Corsica have a church
In Corsica they build everything out of granite
an old fortress city in Corsica
The grand bridge at Bristol
Zhongli at night
Taipei is overshadowed by this massive tower
awesome bridges in the mountains of Taiwan
The river at Bristol has some great views